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Why A Dress Code?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Why is there a set class attire? Dress codes serve many purposes when it comes to dance education.

  • They create a sense of community and belonging : My friends are dressed like me, we have something in common!

  • Allow for full range of movement: I can move my whole body without anything getting in my way!

  • Having a set dress code also reduces stress at home when preparing to come to dance class: When it’s time for dance, I know exactly what to wear!

  • This helps transition our brain that its time to move from play time to dance time as well: Let's put my dance shoes on and get moving!

From a teacher’s perspective, a dress code is a system put forth as part of our classroom management plan due to the fact that they eliminate distractions. Eliminating these distractions allows us to maximize our time together with dancing, learning, and growing.

Preschool classes use their weekly class outfits as their costume for the Christmas Show so that we are only ordering 1 costume for their spring time performances instead of 2!

Class attire lists will be emailed to all registered participants in early August! We will have two evenings where you will be able to come to the studio and get sized for shoes and body wear (if needed)

  • Sept 1st- 6-9pm

  • Sept 7th- 6-9pm

Keep your eye on your email for more info!

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